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Your Guide to MIRL as an Expert and Seeker

If you’re curious about how MIRL works and how it can benefit you as both an Expert and a Seeker, here’s everything you need – and honestly, navigating MIRL will be as effortless and intuitive as it gets!

Very simply, let’s talk about LinkedIn or Instagram for a minute – you could be connected to hundreds or thousands of people, but if you have a personal, yet important question, it’s always awkward to reach out to an expert on Instagram or a connection on LinkedIn and ask them for help.

It feels intrusive, awkward, and the timeline between connecting with them, exchanging messages and actually getting on a call can take days or weeks.

And sometimes, you may not even get a reply to an important question and you’d just be left disappointed.

Now imagine the best of Instagram and LinkedIn in a new super cool and fun app, where you’re connected to everyone in the world, and you can actually connect and consult them for advice instantly, or schedule a consultation, minus the awkwardness.

Well, that’s MIRL – the world’s first social platform where everyone in the world can instantly get in touch with each other via Dual Roles – Experts and Seekers – for advice and consultations.

And the best part is that our algorithm is review-based – Knowledgeable and helpful experts get more global exposure instantly, without having to put in any extra effort!

How to use MIRL as an Expert

1. Complete your Expert bio and tag your expertise from 200+ niches

2. Set your consultation fee per 10 minutes. MIRL consultations work in sets of 10/20/30 minutes, etc.

3. Schedule your weekly availability for instant calls and appointments. You can cancel or reschedule a call if you’re busy, it’s totally flexible with no penalties or fees for cancellation.

And that’s it, you’re set! Seekers from around the world can now find your profile and consult you for your expertise. Just set it once, and you’re ready to go!

How to Use MIRL as a Seeker

If you have a question and need expert advice, all you need to do is browse an area of expertise you need help with, or explore and search for an expert by name.

Just click a button to start the consultation, or schedule an appointment with anyone from around the globe.

Why Use MIRL?

Our goal at MIRL is to dissolve the barriers that typically make it awkward to seek help or connect with someone instantly. We want to build a global network where everyone in the world is just one call away from us when we need help. It’s what social media was meant to do – bring us closer and connect us with everyone in the world, not isolate us from each other!

And with MIRL, we want to build a world where every expertise, every skill, every dream is just one click away from you. 🙂

are there any fees or contracts to use MIRL?

Rest assured, there’s no preregistration agreement or obligation when you sign up for MIRL. We’re excited to introduce our app to you before its public launch and offer exclusive benefits exclusively to our early adopters.

MIRL is designed to connect experts and seekers worldwide, enabling the sharing of knowledge and the opportunity to earn through consultations. Like any social networking platform, MIRL offers complete flexibility. Use the app whenever and however you choose – there are no usage restrictions or requirements.

As an Expert or Seeker, enjoy MIRL without any subscription fees or hidden charges. Seekers only pay an Expert’s consultation fee when engaging with the Expert, which includes a small in-app fee to support and enhance your user experience.

Is there more information about MIRL and How to Use It?

We hope this brief guide helped you understand MIRL, and what we wish to achieve in the world with MIRL.

And yet, we have more! About a week before MIRL is officially publicly released to the world, we’ll share a sneak peek of MIRL, along with walkthrough guides on how MIRL works, how to use MIRL, tips on setting up your profile, and finally, the best ways to use MIRL as an Expert and a Seeker. We’ll share this via your registered email id so you don’t miss out on any of the next steps.

Also, if you need more information, we’d love for you to take a look at our most frequently asked questions below.

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