Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the MIRL app? Take a look at these frequently asked questions for more information!

The unique feature of the MIRL app is the dual role every user takes on, as an expert and a seeker. Not only can you share your expertise and offer consultations in your area of expertise, you can also consult with other qualified experts from over 200+ areas of expertise. You don’t have to juggle between multiple apps to switch between being an expert and seeking your own experts.

Of course, you’re welcome to choose any role in MIRL, be it an expert or a seeker. But even if your expertise is earthworm farming or your guilty pleasure is scrolling through memes all day, maybe there’s someone in the world who would love to learn more about it. Why not share your passion and teach someone else something new?

Yes, you can! If you’re qualified or experienced in multiple areas, you’re welcome to tag yourself as an expert in more than one field of expertise.

A helpful and interesting bio, tagging yourself as an expert in the relevant expert categories (you have over 200+ topics to choose from), and accepting in-app consultations whenever you feel like it. That’s all it takes.

None at all! Whatever your consultation fee as an expert, the seeker who consults you would pay a 20% premium on your fee, which would be the app fees. Your consultation fee, as set by you, will be transferred in full to your bank account every month!

No, there is absolutely no preregistration agreement of any sort between you and the MIRL app. We’re just introducing the MIRL app to you before its public release, offering prelaunch benefits to the early adopters, and bringing together qualified experts who would be interested in using MIRL to share their expertise and earn through their consultations. Just like any other social networking app, you can choose to use the app as and when you like, we have no restrictions or requirements!

As a prelaunch member expert, you’ll enjoy a Global Priority status. This means your profile and expertise will be highlighted and given precedence over other experts globally, even for searches from other countries, ensuring you stand out to potential clients and advice-seekers worldwide.

After your registration, you’ll receive an exclusive MIRL Connect code a week before the MIRL app goes public. You can share this with your contacts list, friends, or followers, and you’ll earn 5% of every invitee’s earnings on MIRL for the next 5 years, which will be paid out to you every month. It’s not just an opportunity, it’s an easy way to build a huge passive income stream, all while branding and promoting your own expertise globally!

If you’ve preregistered via email or on, then congratulations! You don’t have to do anything more just yet. Your name is now added in our Global Priority Database, and we’ll be sure to update you well before MIRL is released to the public.

You’ll receive a sneak peek over email a week before the public release of MIRL with more information, a walkthrough to use MIRL, and the next steps so you’re prepared well before the rest of the world!

You’ll receive an automated confirmation email from immediately after you submit your name and email in our website. Didn’t find it? Please check your inbox or your spam folder, just to make sure.

We’re thrilled by the overwhelming interest in MIRL, with preregistrations surpassing our expectations! Our team is committed to delivering a seamless and robust platform that meets the needs of our growing community. To ensure we provide the best experience from the get-go, and due to the volume of sign-ups and our dedication to quality, there’s a possibility we may be targeting a May 2024 release.

Yes, of course! As long as you or a representative is willing to speak on behalf of your company’s expertise, you’re welcome to set up a MIRL account representing your organization.


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